The number of tiers you choose and the sizes of those tiers may be largely influenced by the number of wedding guests you have and the number of portions required.


It can feel a little confusing and of course one person’s idea of what makes a ‘good-sized’ piece of cake may not be the same as another’s!


Finger portions (sometimes known as coffee portions) are usually served after the Wedding Breakfast or as part of the evening buffet. As our standard cakes are approximately 5” deep, a finger portion would be 1”x1”x5” and is the most popular choice made by couples.


Dessert portions are twice the size of finger portions (2”x1”x5”). They are a good choice for couples serving their cake as a dessert or for those that just like a giant piece of cake! No judgement here!!


The following table gives a simple guide based on the two traditional portion sizes: