Party Animals

So the holidays are over. My little tribe are back to school (some more reluctantly than others) and I'm back to work with a backdrop of the crashing, banging, drilling and constant stream of teas, coffees and biscuits that comes with an extension.

I soooo struggle to get going after a break, snapping out of that slow holiday pace doesn't come naturally... I'm still channelling my inner sloth.

For my sanity (and that of my nearest and dearest) I'm easing myself back in with a bit of prep for next week - some mega cute toppers for a farm themed 2nd birthday cake. Oh for the days when the kiddos were too young to choose their own cakes!!

Want a peek??

Isn't he cute? That belly!! He's eaten even more brioche than me this holiday.

Even in my current sloth-like state I think I could muster the energy to eat cake with these party animals... (I don't think piggy is going to share that cake).