New Year, New Projects

I'm sitting by the kitchen window, lapping up the winter sun and wondering how January has almost flashed by. This month has had more than its fair share of grotty greyness and germs in this house but on sunny days like these its hard not to feel inspired and excited about new projects on the horizon!

2019 got off to a very busy start, caused mostly by my continuing inability to read my calendar which meant I'd booked in three cakes for before the small ones went back to school. My New Year's Resolution to be more organised fell at the first hurdle! Luckily small and smallest were in a Lego marathon mood so, aside from my role as 'Piece Finder General', I managed a couple of productive days work.

It was a nice start back with some fun and colourful children's cakes... Iron Man, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, followed up a few days later with 'roar-some' (sorry) dinosaur themed cake.

Since then I've been a little quiet on the cake front... fear not, it's not a permanent thing... cake life is about to get much busier again. However, far from lying around whilst my nearest and dearest feed me grapes, I've been super busy behind the scenes working on a some exciting new projects.

The end of last year saw a little foray into the world of biscuits and cookies. The iced Christmas biscuits were met with an amazing response (for which I am hugely grateful) and flood of Christmas orders and many more enquiries for personalised biscuits for a whole host of celebrations. It's an exciting detour and something I'm absolutely loving!

Here's a little taste of what's been keeping me busy this month...

If you'd like a delicious cake or some beautiful biscuits for your birthday party, celebration or wedding then do get in touch. Were already taking bookings well into July so its never too early to book.

Keep you eyes peeled for some exciting news in the next couple of weeks and don't forget we've got some gorgeous Mother's Day gift boxes planned too. Watch this space!!

Emily xx