Your Perfect Wedding Cake

You're engaged!! As a couple, this has to be the best time EVER. Right now you're on cloud nine and both so happy, everyone else is happy for you and as the dust settles, the inevitable questions begin... Have you set a date? Church or Registrar? Traditional, contemporary, rustic, big, small? The choices are endless (and don't even start on the dress...).

Planning your perfect wedding should be fun and exciting but with so many options out there and so much to do, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Instagram and Pinterest are great places to start and can be fantastic tools for inspiration but with literally thousands of accounts and beautiful boards to follow, there's a very real risk of finding yourself getting carried away and before you know it you’re having someone else's wedding.

Before you dive head first in, it really is worth sitting back, taking a breath and asking yourselves, 'who are we?', 'what's important to us?' and 'what do we want from our wedding?'. Don't forget to give your personalities, your shared interests, your passions and your life together a chance to shine through.

Last weekend we had a crazy busy time (as well as a huge amount of fun) as we exhibited at The South East Wedding Show. We were very lucky to meet hundreds of lovely couples all keen to share a little bit about themselves and their style and in the hope to create a truely personal wedding cake.

For some that meant a very sleek, understated cake with a few well chosen sugar flowers; their favourite blooms or maybe something from their native countries or places they've travelled. For others they had drawn inspiration from their love of the outdoors and their beautiful rustic venue, opting for a semi-naked cake with fresh florals or even a woodland inspired cake. Our stunning Silver Birch cake from last summer was a huge hit amongst Brides and Grooms alike!

The biggest surprise and thrill of the weekend though was how many of you absolutely loved our show cake. A totally personal love-story told in cake. We were blown away by how many of you wanted to tell your own stories of growing up in far flung corners of the world, of meeting, your adventures together, romantic proposals and plans for your wedding day.

Our show cake was an explosion of colour, textures and styles with delicate sugar flowers, sketches, hand-painting and sugar modelling. It was a real joy seeing so many couples getting excited about the idea of turning their stories into cake! Of course, that's not everyone's style, but even with a very traditional or simple design, if you wish to, there are always of making an subtle nod to a memorable time in your lives, special places or precious people who are no longer with us.

If you would like us to help you create your own unique wedding cake, you will find that we provide a very relaxed consultation process. Starting with a chat or email, you can share your ideas and ask any questions you may have. While we don't create replicas of other designers’ work we are happy to receive photos to use as inspiration. Should you wish to take your enquiry further, we offer a consultation held at my home in Hampshire, where we will work through your design ideas, themes, colour schemes and flavours. You will also have the chance to sample delicious cakes in some of our most popular flavours, after all, your cake needs to taste as good as it looks!

For those unable to travel to a consultation we can send cake sample boxes by post and where necessary, the design process can be completed via phone and email.

We really look forward to hearing some of your own stories and ideas and hope to work with you soon.

Emily x